Simonsen Family Website

Welcome to the website for Peter, Diana, and Erik Simonsen with their great dog Valen.

Peter Simonsen

A "Rigtig Dansk" viking from Roskilde Denmark who had the luck to meet, date and marry the most amazing woman from America. An avid Fly Fisher, Road Bike enthusiast and a technology leader by profession, he enjoy fast paced challenges paired with the solitude of nature.


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Diana Simonsen

A classy woman from the Bronx New York who found adventure and fun by tying the knot with the mentioned viking. After many years as a stay-at-home mom, she is now building a fantastic and caring business helping people understand their dogs and train for competition and fun.


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Erik Simonsen

A teeneager with a passion for the outdoors, fire fighting and caring for people. Is on a strong path to become a fire fighter, already have many years experience in managing outdoor nature camps,is trained in outdoor survival and are living up to those danish viking genes.


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